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Jay Park outfit in ‘GANADARA (Feat. IU)’ Performance Clip

On March 15, 2022 via ‘GANADARA (Feat. IU)’ Performance Clip, Jay Park was spotted wearing Vandy The Pink's jacket, The Museum Visitor's pants, and Stussy x Bape's cap.

Sandara Park outfit from Feb 22, 2022 : Bape jacket

On February 22, 2022 via Instagram Story, Sandara Park was spotted wearing Bape's jacket.

BTS Suga was seen wearing BAPE x Mastermind Japan jacket on Vlive (2022 Feb 20)

On 2022-02-20 via Vlive, BTS Suga was spotted wearing Bape x Mastermind Japan's jacket.

BTS J-hope flexed his Readyamde fleece jacket & Louis Vuitton jeans

On 2022-02-06 via Instagram, BTS J-Hope was spotted wearing Readymade's jacket, Louis Vuitton's jeans, Dr Martens X Bape's shoes, and Louis Vuitton X Nigo's hat.
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